Acts on Wall Space

Josefine Bernhotlz og Emma Astner Johansson
06.06.19 – 08.06.19

Velkommen til ny utstilling på Akademirommet med Emma Astner Jansson (SE) og Josefine Bernholtz (SE), to kunstnere som fullførte BFA på KhiO i mai.

Taking something away seems miraculously difficult.

Keeping it seems even even more futile </3.

Let’s not lose hope!

A particular moment in time in which a person interrogates an existing practice. To one day notice something and then be unable to not notice it ever again, creating disturbing ripples in time and space, forever altering the condition(s) of something.

Something is specific.

Circulating around the topic in a series of bad puns and a game, with intermediate social acts to explore a potentially uninteresting object.

Hang ups: basketball hoops

Afterwards, the relics are put in big, black plastic bags. I take them with me.
Placed in the basement, kept as souvenirs.