Slaget om Showbaren


We are delighted to invite you to Akademirommet the 28th of February for this special evening with The Showbar. The play starts at 19:00. Click here in order to download the program at Akademirommet in spring 2020.

THE SHOWBAR presents an immersive play about the story of the conflict between the autonomous Showbar and the administration at the academy, a conflict that continues to this day. The Showbar persists to provide pleasure for hundreds of students. We ask: what happens when students rebell? In our project the academy room will be transformed into a liminal space where spectators becomes witnesses, and mere presence turns into participation. Our theatrical re-staging of the Showbar blends the fictional with the documentary. Through the actions of historical re-enaction and pre-enaction, we grant ourselves the right to dictate a narrative that lets us change future and past. For anyone living within institutional oppression, the immediate and intuitive understanding is that the Showbar is a rallying cry.

About The Showbar

THE SHOWBAR is a collective starting point for (student) revolution, the amount of its members is different depending on how many people are ready to MAKE The Showbar continue to happen. The Showbar is an autonomous entity that transcends an art education that is centered around individuality. We believe in analogue fast action community, i.e no unnecessary meetings. The Showbar denounces the Scandinavian meeting-culture. We do not work with professionalism. The Showbar opposes New Public Management strongly and works activly to rebel against the invisible frames of private property.